2005.05.29 洛城家中

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5/29/05 Los Angeles home 1:32am 《英文/中文》

I hope this journal finds all of you well. It's been a while but I'M BACK!

First, I'd like to apologize for disappearing for quite some time but I do have a legitimate reason. And that is because I've been both busy with things while at the same time on a hiatus taking a “vacation”. As you can see from the title above, I'm still in LA right now though I'll soon be returning to Asia.

I've spent a few great weeks in LA doing things I needed and wanted to do for quite some time. I haven't been back to LA for almost half a year so it was great to finally return to my home here. I shall dedicate this lengthy entry to what I've been preoccupied with, thinking about and feeling these past few weeks while I've been absent.

A little over a month ago, my promotional tour for my last album, “The Great Leap”, concluded after spending about three months on the road visiting many parts of Asia. It was extremely exhausting though at the same time immensely rewarding. Once again, I saw and experienced so much in such a short amount of time which leaves you overwhelmed. I often feel so grateful that I have the opportunity to see and experience in a few short months what many people don't get to experience in a year's time. Those few months of promotion are an emotional and physical roller coaster and extremely challenging to anybody. I truly believe “life on the road” can either make or break an individual. Like I had mentioned, I visited more than 20 cities during these three months and I felt like I've grown so much from my travels, work and the friends I've made along the way. Of course, there were also many challenges and hardships along the way that left me down and drained. Some are spiritual and psychological while others are physically very taxing such as averaging less then six hours of sleep and then having to perform and sing the next day. Overall, though, I have always enjoyed the entire experience though it does leave you “brain dead” and totally in need of rest and recharge. Everything moves too quickly for you to actually process at the moment so the best you can do is react. You have to leave the “feeling” and digesting part till later when you have a free moment to really sit down and think about things. That's one of the reasons I truly appreciate my time in LA because all I do I is just vegetate and simply do nothing except just “live” my life like any other normal individual. I can stay at home all day, take walks with my dog, have long dinners with my friends, drive my cars without any destination, walk around aimlessly in the mall or supermarkets, etc. When people in interviews ask me what I enjoy doing I always answer the things I just listed above and they look at me bewildered thinking why I'm so boring. How else should I live? I'm just a normal person like everybody else and there's nothing special or different about a “celebrity”. My happiest moments in life are the simplest moments in life, nothing more. The beauty of life is to be able to appreciate the simple moments and pleasures in life. All the money in the world couldn't buy that simplicity.

LA is a city that offers a rather slow paced lifestyle compared to Taipei, HK or China. You can say there's not much to do here but, from another perspective, there's a lot to do although it isn't a city that doesn't go to sleep like many cities in Asia where there is always something going on 24/7. LA is very relaxed, suburban and laid back. And that's the reason I love living and coming back to LA. It can be a very plain city yet if you want excitement there's everything here from shopping, culture, and entertainment to very diverse cuisines. Thus, returning to LA for these past few weeks has really given me the chance to totally be myself and do nothing. Of course, to say that I did nothing is untrue because I did spend the first ten days packing and preparing to move out of my office space. Because my office/studio lease was up after five years I really needed to return to LA to pack up and make arrangements to move out of the space. Could you imagine having to pack, organize and move out of a 3,200 sq. ft. space that I've been occupying for five years? The amount of equipment, furniture, and things was overwhelming and having to pack it all up and move it out was quite a feat for my staff and me. However, we took care of everything with the generous help of my ten friends who helped move everything out in 3 full days. I stayed up all night packing (no sleep at all for about 36 hours) so we could move out by the deadline. It was a real feat packing and sorting everything out but the real challenge was to store everything I originally had in a 3,200 sq. ft. space into a 10 x 17 sized storage space! Again, thanks you guys for your strength and help.

After the move, I had more time to enjoy myself though I wouldn't call my time in LA entirely a “vacation”. Well, being that the weather here was beautiful and there was so much catching up to do for me I considered it a very pleasurable chance to relax and return to normality. I hadn't seen my dog, Lucky, for about half a year as well and spending time with him was important for both of us. When I went to pick him up he immediately ran towards me and started making whining noises that really broke my heart and made me feel guilty for leaving him for so long with my friends. He was very ecstatic to see me and kept on jumping in the air wanting to leave with me. When it was time to leave, he very routinely jumped into the passenger side of my car and sat on the carpet waiting patiently for me. It was as if I never left because there didn't seem to be a lapse in his memory. There was only Lucky and I on the car ride back home and it was a very quiet yet special moment of bonding between us.

I did a lot of very “ordinary” and normal things so there's really nothing exciting to report. No glamorous moments with lights and music, unfortunately. I saw about four movies in the theater which was something really exciting for me because I hadn't stepped into a movie theater more than twice over the past six months because I was constantly working or on the road. It was so nice just sitting there waiting for the show to begin drinking some soda and having some snacks. I really enjoy that short period right before a movie begins as you chat with your friends and feel the anticipation before the main feature starts. Driving around in my cars was also something very ordinary but left me feeling extremely happy and content within. I didn't drive very far nor did I have the time to take a long distance road but getting in all my cars and taking them out for a spin was enough for me this time around.

My first week in LA was consumed mainly with taking care of things and catching up at the office and at home. When you're away for almost half a year there are a lot of things that you neglect and need to take care of. It becomes rather difficult to navigate your business and home from thousands of miles away but it's something I must do and have been doing for many years now. However, I'll be spending more and more time in Asia now so I've been also slowly consolidating my time and resources back here now.

The weather in LA has been great though the days are starting to get hotter as summer approaches. However, since California is very dry and essentially a desert, the heat doesn't really leave you feeling sticky or too uncomfortable. Plus, regardless of how hot it is in the day, the nights are usually quite comfortable and breezy. My favorite time to go out driving is around 6pm when the sun is beginning to set (the days are longer in the summer and the sun stays out quite long) and you can just roll down the windows and feel the cool air blowing in your face and hair. The residual warm glow of the sun really makes for a beautiful and picturesque drive wherever you are.

These few weeks of rest and relaxing have done me a great deal of good and has allowed me to reset my brain and allow me clear out my head. I can't say I immediately have tons of ideas for the new album or whatever projects I'm working on but there is definitely more space and room in my head and heart now for new things and ideas to develop and take flight. I feel ready to tackle new things and projects as the remainder of this year will be a very busy and challenging one with a new concert tour as well as production of my next studio album tentatively slated for a 2nd quarter 2006 release. There is so much to do and I'm very excited about the months to come. I hope to see more of you all and I do hope that you are all doing well and have made much progress in your lives during the first half of this year.

Again, I apologize for disappearing for a while but sometimes it's a necessary break I have to take in order to let myself rest and reset so that I can travel further in life and creativity. As the weeks roll on, I'll be giving you glimpses into my new concert tour coming to a city near you as well as also the new direction my next album will be taking. It will definitely be a surprise and I'm sure it'll be something you wouldn't expect while still staying very musical and honest. I'm aware that the past two albums have been intentionally darker and heavier but I feel that I'm entering into a new phase of my life now, which I sense will be brighter, more full of humor and romance. I can't tell you exactly what the next album will be like because I honestly don't have anything concrete yet but I feel something different will come out of me and it'll be something quite different from the past two albums. Thanks for all your patience and support during this past half year and for always giving me that creative space to do what I believe in. Without all of your love and support, it would be very difficult to be myself and to do what I want to do.

See and talk to you all in a couple of weeks…I'm back!


on my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me as i walked through the subway

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希望你們近來都很好。有段時間沒見面了,但是 我回來了!



時間回到一個多月前,上一張專輯「太平盛世」的宣傳行程畫下了句點,三個多月的旅程,走訪了許多亞洲地區。過程十分累人,但也相當值得。我又一次在這麼短的時間內,親身目睹體驗了多樣且令人印象深刻的事物。我是如此的幸福與幸運,許多人在一年裡可能都無法經歷的事情,我卻有機會在短短幾個月的時間裡親自看到、感受到。 這幾個月的宣傳行程,就像是讓情感與身體乘坐一趟雲霄飛車般,對任何人來說,這都是一項極大的挑戰。我絕對相信「漂泊人生」不是成就一個人,就是毀了一個人。就像我之前提過的,我在這三個月裡走訪了20多座城市,從這些旅行、工作與沿途結交的朋友身上,我覺得自己成長了很多。當然,過程裡也有許多挑戰與困境,讓我情緒陷入低潮與空虛。有些是精神心理層面的,有些則是體能上的負荷,就像在平均睡不到6小時的狀況之下,隔天又得上台演出。然而,整體來說,我還是很喜歡這樣的經驗,不過這真的會讓你進入「腦死」狀態而必須在事後有足夠的休息與充電。過程中的所有事物進展得如此迅速,在那無法完全掌握的當下,你唯一能作的就只是直覺式的反應。你必須把當時的感覺及一些需要消化的部份先收起來,直到稍後有空的時候,再真的坐下來思考。這也是為什麼我很感念在洛城的時間,其實我在這裡作的事情很單調,就像其他平常人一樣,只是在「過」我自己的生活。我可以成天待在家裡,帶著我的狗出去散步,跟朋友享受漫長的晚餐時光,漫無目的地開著車或在購物中心、超級市場裡瞎逛。有些人在訪問時都會問我「最喜歡作什麼?」我總是回答上面說的這些事情,他們就會一臉狐疑地看著我,心想我為何如此的無趣。否則,我應該怎麼過呢?我跟所有平常人一樣, 並不會因為「名人」的身分而有任何奇異之處。我生活裡最幸福的時刻就是最簡單的時刻,不多也不少。生活的美好在於可以欣賞單純的時光與樂趣。那是世間錢財都無法買到的單純。

相較於台北、香港或中國內地,洛城的生活步調顯得緩慢很多。你也可以說在這裡有點無所事事,但是換個角度來看,其實是可以作很多事情的,當然這裡不像多數的亞洲不夜城,時時刻刻都有事情在發生。洛城的生活很輕鬆、很平淡,甚至是有點遲緩的。這也是我為什麼喜歡回來住在這裡的原因。它可以是個單調的城市,但是如果你想要找些刺激,不論血拼購物、文化觀光、娛樂消遣或各式料理,這裡應有盡有。因此,回到洛城的這幾個禮拜讓我有機會放空一切,只作自己。當然,我也不是真的什麼都沒作,剛回到這邊的前10天,我都在打包,準備搬離我的辦公室。因為我的辦公室/錄音室的五年租約到期了,我必須回到洛城打包,安排所有的搬家事宜。你可以想像要如何打包、整理,然後搬離一個我已經使用了五年、廣達3200平方呎的空間嗎?所有器材、傢具與雜物的數量實在多得難以估計,對我跟我的工作人員來說,要打包、搬移這些東西絕對是一項大工程。然而, 在十位友人的慷慨協力下,我們全部自己動手作, 在三天之內搬走了所有的東西。為了在期限內搬走,我熬夜打包(整整36小時沒睡覺)。打包整理是一項大工程,然而真正的挑戰是要將這些我原本置放在3200平方呎的東西,塞進一個只有10*17見方大小的倉庫裡。再次感謝你們這些好朋友的付出與幫忙。

搬完家之後,我有更多屬於自己的時間,但是我並不會把這段時間全然視為「假期」。當然囉,這裡的宜人氣候,是個讓我可以放鬆、回歸常態的絕妙良機,不過還是有很多事情等著我去處理。我也有半年的時間沒有看到我的狗 「Lucky」了,花時間陪牠對我們兩個來說都是一件很重要的事情。當我去接牠的時候,牠立即朝我飛撲而來,同時發出悲鳴的叫聲,這真的讓我很傷心,自責為何留牠一個人住在朋友家裡這麼久。牠看到我的時候,很興奮地一直跳著要跟我走。當確定要離開的時候,牠一如往常般跳上駕駛座旁的座位,耐心地坐在毯子上等我上車。這幅情景彷若我從未離去,牠的記憶並沒有產生任何的空白。回家的路上只有我跟Lucky,我們兩個共同擁有的獨處時光,寂靜而特別。








on my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me as i walked through the subway